Advanced Hi-Grade Data Eraser

The security tool that completely removes
sensitive data from your computer.

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Eraser Set-up Affiliate Area.

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Every Sale You Make!'s Eraser Set up product was created to help any computer user take control of their computer privacy and erase all private data. Any data that you consider private and not want  anyone digging out of your hard drive.

This product converts EXTREMELY WELL!


We super-charge your sales by giving your customers;

1- Instant Download of the Eraser Set up software.

2- A free bonus, data encyption program that they can use on USB drives, or any folder on any computer. (also an instant download item)

3- A Great, Low Price and Quick Support, if needed.

4- A 60 day Money-back Guarantee. (Great for converting undecided prospects)


Grab your affiliate link.  We only work with Clickbank Affiliates for the Eraser Set-up program. You earn 70% commission on every sale!


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Send Emails Out To Your List

Emails are the most effective way of reaching the masses, send these emails out to anyone who you think might be interested in Make Money From Proxies.

Email 1

Suggested Subject
Wish you knew how to Erase everything on your computer?  Untraceable.

E-mail Message:
Dear {!firstname_fix},

Wish you knew the secret trick that computer experts use to cleanup computer files so that no one can ever get a scrap of private data from it? Now you can, I just used Eraser Set-up on my computer and it was the best thing I have ever done.

Before getting rid of my computer and selling it to someone on Craigslist, I made sure that all my information was scrubbed away and made completely unrecoverable by anyone or organization with prying eyes.   Now I don't have to worry about someone stealing my identity, my passwords, seeing my surf history, private emails, pictures and chat sessions.  With this program nothing is recoverable, even by the most advanced computer forensics tools.

If you have a need to truly erase your computer (not just surf history and temp files), you owe it yourself to check this industrial-strength award-winning computer disk eraser.


Take care ,



Pay Per click Campaign Keywords and Copy.


PPC (Pay per click) campaigns are the fastest way to get targeted traffic to your affiliate site so you can start making  money from day 1.

Below are the most effective campaign keywords and ad-copy for the Eraser Set up software.

This is the best way of reaching the masses of people looking to buy this type of software now.


The below campaigns have been researched and tested for outstanding conversion rates on Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search, MSN (Bing),


(Your are free to use the below ad campaign information only and strictly for Eraser Set-up affiliate campaigns.)

Suggested PPC Ad Copy 1

Erase Your Hard Drive
Permanently erase your hard drive.
Get a Like-new hard drive

Suggested PPC Ad Copy 2

Need: a disk eraser?
Get Eraser Set-up, New Technology,
Desk-Top, Continuous Use, Reliable.

Suggested PPC Ad Copy 3

Data Evidence Eliminator
Instant download of the professional-
grade hard disk scrubber.

Suggested PPC Ad Copy 4

Erase Hard Drive Data
Permanently erase hard drive data
from your hard drive w/a Drive Wipe

Suggested PPC Ad Copy 5

Emergency Disk Eraser
Computer Cleanup software, Destroys
All traces of Activity - Download Now!

Targeted, tested Keyword/Keyphrase List:

(Your are free to use the below ad campaign information only and strictly for Eraser Set-up affiliate campaigns.)


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