Advanced Hi-Grade Data Eraser

The security tool that completely removes
sensitive data from your computer.

Delete Files or Entire Disks Permanently

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Our Advanced Hi-Grade Data Eraser Users Say;


I just want to thank you for offering an easy and secure solution to deleting my computer files.

I do all my accounting on my computer and needed to make sure all was really wiped out.

Valerie Esposito

Dallas, Texas


After searching forever for a way to permanently delete my files, I can say your program does what it says it's supposed to do.


Mark Holloway

Los Angeles, California

pic Thanks a million! You could not have made this any easier. I took me 2 minutes to install and another 3 to scrub the files clean.

Gordon Browning

Toronto, Canada


What operating systems does this work with?

Eraser SetUp works with any computer running Microsoft; Windows 95, Windows 98/98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, all Windows XP (including 64 bit), all WindowsVista (including 64 bit), Windows 2003 Server & DOS.

I've been using Eraser Set-Up to overwrite all sensitive data from my drive. Is it really gone now?

It depends on how much money and effort people trying to restore your data are willing to use. Erased data cannot be recovered with any software utility, and even if the hard drive electronics are bypassed and disk platters are examined, recovering data will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. You may want to read more about the common security problems in the help section of the software.

Will Eraser Set-Up erase CD-RW's and CD-R's?

You can use Eraser Set-Up on a CD-RW, however you only need to use one pass, as only magnetic media needs multiple passes. You can't use Eraser Set-Up on CD-R, as they write protect themselves after the first write. The only way to secure a CD-R is to destroy it and then melt down the pieces.
If you see a CD-R, that has been 'erased / deleted ' more likely than not, just the file directory on the CD was changed, and the data still remains on the CD.

How do I Erase my entire hard drive(s) on my PC?

Eraser Set-Up uses a highly secure disk option to erase all your hard drives.

To use this option:
1. Place a floppy (or CD) in your a: drive.
2. Click on the Start button and then choose Programs->Eraser Set-Up->Create Boot Disk.
3. Ensure 'Writing on Floppy' is ticked. Tick 'Formatting' if your floppy needs to be formatted.
4. Click OK. Result: Your Boot Disk has now been created.
5. Boot up your PC with the floppy still remaining in your a: drive.

Remember: If you wish to erase the Hard Disk of another PC, then bring this Floppy to the PC, insert it into the a: drive and Boot it up.

Result: All drives will now be completely erased and unrecoverable (including the Operating System).

IMPORTANT: USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION. This feature of the program is self-contained and securely wipes ALL data. It will automatically and completely delete the contents of any hard disk that it can detect, which makes it an ideal and secure utility for bulk or emergency data destruction.


Please send us any questions you have!


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