Advanced Hi-Grade Data Eraser

The security tool that completely removes
sensitive data from your computer.

Delete Files or even Entire Disks Permanently
-Leaves No Traces Behind-

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Our Advanced Hi-Grade Data Eraser Users Say;


I just want to thank you for offering an easy and secure solution to deleting my computer files.

I do all my accounting on my computer and needed to make sure all was really wiped out.

Valerie Esposito

Dallas, Texas


After searching forever for a way to permanently delete my files, I can say your program does what it says it's supposed to do.


Mark Holloway

Los Angeles, California

pic Thanks a million! You could not have made this any easier. I took me 2 minutes to install and another 3 to scrub the files clean.

Gordon Browning

Toronto, Canada

You might think that once you're done with your data, you just delete it
and it's gone from your computer forever, right?

When you delete a file, your computer does not really remove the file from the disk; it only removes the 'reference' to the file. The file you "deleted" can easily be opened and viewed again. Even someone with a little computer know-how can recover these files.

Without Eraser Set-up, your deleted files remain on the disk and anyone can easily retrieve them with a simple disk maintenance replica cartier or an undelete utility.

Don't risk your privacy by using simple software that claims to delete files.


That's where we offer an effective solution with Eraser Set-Up.
Eraser Set-Up securely wipes your computer clear of all personal data, protecting your security and preventing any unauthorized recovery by anyone using your computer.


In fact, No Traces will be left for even forensic software to uncover!

This is a complete Solution!

Eraser Set-Up Removes:

  •  Files and Folders.
  •  Previously 'deleted' Files/Folders.
  •  Encrypted Files and Drives.
  •  Compressed Files and Drives.
  •  Network Files.
  •  Floppy Disks.
  •  Windows Temporary Files.
  •  Internet Cookies.
  •  Internet Cache.
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Thousands of people have been scammed, fired, divorced and even sent to prison over what was found on their PC! Do you want your partner, employers, or rolex replica law enforcement agencies to know everything you do, SEE, READ, online, Including your passwords?


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